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At Living Better Med Spa we offer a variety of different types of massage; from relaxing Swedish massage to invigorating sports massages. This allows us to cater to your specific needs. All of our  massage services include your choice of aroma therapy scents and hot towel services. Members can upgrade all 1-hour therapy sessions to 1½-hours for only $29 more!


SWEDISH MASSAGE member $69 | non-member $99

Swedish massage has been recognized for ages as a gentle form of therapeutic touch that involves long, smooth strokes to increase natural drainage throughout the body. Our 1-hour session includes a full body massage with 55 minutes of gentle hands on therapy and 5 minutes of dress time. All of our massages come with your choice of aroma therapy scents and/or hot towel service.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE member $69 | non-member $99

Deep Tissue massage is a general term used for many massage modalities or combinations of modalities. Our deep tissue body work sessions can be easily customized to your specific needs. 1-hour sessions include 55 minutes hands on and 5 minutes dress time. Pressure during your session varies from firm to deep, depending on your preferences. All of our Deep Tissue massage services include your choice of heat or ice packs.

MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE (MLD) member $36, $69 or $99 | non-member $69, $99, $129

Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is a medical massage designed to promote drainage in areas of the body that have excess lymphatic fluid accumulation due to surgery or other maladies. MLD is performed either in a specific area of the body or over the entire body to maximize the natural lymphatic cleansing and drainage capacity. 30, 60 or 90 minutes

CRANIAL SACRAL MASSAGE member $69 | non-member $99

Cranial Sacral massage is a medical massage developed to help with numerous medical conditions including insomnia, migraines and headaches and chronic pain disorders. This form of massage uses gentle cradling and positional releases to improve fluid circulation in the head and spinal column.

NEUROMUSCULAR THERAPY (NMT) member $69 | non-member $99

Neuromuscular Therapy is a deep tissue massage designed to desensitize trigger points, relieving muscular pain and tension. It can be performed with tools or implements. This form of massage is very aggressive and is for true believers of deep tissue bodywork. Those with chronic pain and high pressure tolerances will become true believers!

REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE member $36, $69 | non-member $69, $99

Reflexology is a form of massage that stimulates reflexive areas of the feet, hands and ears to help call to action the body’s own natural healing systems. 30-minute sessions include the reflexes of either the feet or hands and 1-hour sessions include the reflex zones of the hands, feet and ears. Either choice will leave your entire body totally relaxed and revitalized.

HOT STONE MASSAGE member $99 | non-member $139

Our hot stone massage is 1½-hours of stress relieving, muscle melting relaxation. Hot stones are integrated with Swedish or Deep Tissue massage techniques to leave your body feeling totally relaxed. The heat penetrates deep into the muscle tissue and creates a sensation of warmth and rejuvenation.

SPORTS MASSAGE member $69 | non-member $99

Our sports massage is a deep tissue experience geared to the specific needs of the sport you are participating in. Heat and/or ice packs can be included to loosen tight muscles and joints. Stretching and massage are included in a fine-tuned experience, maximizing the recovery and minimizing down time between workouts.


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